Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Little History

Ninety-five years ago a feisty girl was born in Louisiana as the middle child of five. When she was a teenager, she and her family moved to Texas where she hit homeruns in girls softball, square danced, learned to make delicious peach preserves, dewberry cobblers and banana puddings and make award winning quilts. She married her sweetheart in 1938 and they had two beautiful and feisty girls...and three grandkids and three great-grandkids.

That's my grandma. We didn't fall far from the tree.

Almost eighteen years ago, the love of her life passed away after 57 years of marriage. Since that time, she has rediscovered her opinionated ways. She became more involved with her community...always volunteering. Sold the ranch.  Instead of square dancing, she and her sister love to go dancing with the one-arm-bandit at "The Boat."

Have I mentioned she STILL drives?! Yes...she's ninety-five and still drives. Thank goodness there's no sidewalks there.

Grandma has stayed in the family hometown about three hours away from any major city and immediate family. Good doctors are not a hot commodity where she is. You have to drive at least an hour to the nearest hospital or "decent" doctor. For the longest, she would get pissy and angry if you just hinted at her moving closer to family and good doctors. The family and doctors have been slowly over the last few years leaving subtle hints that it is time to move her happy fourth-point-of-contact to Houston. Whatever Doctor Oz says; she does. Whatever The Doctors say; she does. Whatever all the non-degreed small town neighborhood "doctors" say; she does. BUT whatever her REAL doctors say...she ignores. She wants to live to at least to 100. Hmmmm...who should she listen to?

I digress.

Over the last couple of months, grandma kept claiming to feel bad. She would call the ambulance for a "cold" to take her to the hospital one hour away. Obviously, something was up with grandma.

Time for a Come-To-Jesus meeting.

We drove up and loaded her and her cat up to bring her to Houston to get her checked up and overhauled and knock some sense into her.  It worked. She wasn't happy about it but she agreed to move. We found a really nice senior living apartment complex not far from family. She still will have her independence but close enough now for us to run by and check on her and include her in family stuff.


Hopefully, that's enough background to bring you to today. Grandma and this move are going to be VERY interesting. She's already proving it. I hope to share some the adventure and antics that happen as we box up grandma and get her moved.

Wish us luck!

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