Monday, February 18, 2013

Who Needs A Plan?!

How's that quote go about "best laid plans"? Yeah. That ain't happening. Forget about organizing this move. Forget about having a plan. Just forget anything you thought would be smart to do. It won't happen.

We had a plan this weekend. HOORAY for a plan!!

Grandma had a DIFFERENT plan.

She has been talking for the last couple of weeks that she needed boxes to pack her stuff in. I got boxes. LOTS of boxes. So this weekend I played Tetris in my SUV and got aaaaaaaaall the boxes loaded up plus reinforcements (mom and my son) and the pug. It was a tight fit but we did it. And off to grandma's we went with the boxes and packing supplies and OUR plan.  (Learn more about Max Z Pug.)

It was a gorgeous day. Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes have started to bloom. The sky was crystal blue. It was crisp day with the hint of Spring trying to push Winter out of the way. It's a beautiful time in Texas. Got the visual? Then we got to grandma's house.

We stood around for a bit. Visited.

We walked around for a bit. Stared at stuff.

We stood around for a bit. Continued to stare at stuff.

We looked in cabinets. We got fussed at.

We went to lunch.  Lunch was quiet...and tasty. What is it about small town diners and fried food?

After we got back to grandma's house, we got all the boxes unloaded and tried to proceed with our plan to organize the stuff she is taking to her new home. WHY? I don't know. Personally, I thought it was a good idea but what do I know. I'm just a 50-year-old grandkid.

Grandma wanted to talk about her garage sale. She's GOING to have a garage sale!! Got it!? good. don't forget it. She is also selling stuff BEFORE the garage sale. Got'em lined up wanting her stuff.  ::rolling eyes::

We were able to put color-coded labels on all the furniture and decor she will be moving.

There's no rush to pack things up. "[She'll] get it done." ...Ya got THREE weeks to go grandma!! We're here to help.

Then it was ice cream time. Last year, I got my grandma hooked on Magnum ice cream bars. She pulls out two boxes from her freezer and says "let's go sit down and have an ice cream." We haven't done diddly! Come to find out...grandma has TEN boxes of Magnum ice cream bars in her freezer. Ten. 1-0. Diez. Dix. Zehn. TEN! They were on sale. Dontcha know you can't pass up a good sale. She's going go back on Monday to see if they have any more left.  She's moving in three weeks and she's bought TEN boxes of Magnum ice cream bars and is going back for more!!!!  ::head desk:: We're gonna need a fork lift to move grandma.

After the lip-smacking-good Magnum ice cream bar, we watched TV. Home Shopping Network and Crashed Ice to be exact. I watched the empty boxes stay empty.

She did send stuff home with us. Stuff that was my mom's. Stuff we didn't want her to sell. Don't forget...she will have a garage sale.

It was time to head home in a much emptier car. And time for road trip snacks... Bugles, chocolate, Coke and lots of Advil!

Stay tuned. I'll let you know when there's a garage sale.

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