Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heck With This! I'm Going To Bed!

I dreading it already.

The trip to the furniture store.

Grandma has been thinking about getting a new sofa for about a year now. LONG before she decided to move. She was planning to buy a new sofa soon.

She's selling her living room furniture at her GARAGE SALE. Rugs. Sofa. Love seat. If she doesn't sell it before.

She's decided she wants a sleeper sofa so visitors will have a place to sleep. OK. Plus she sleeps on the sofa a lot she might as well have a sleeper sofa. OoooooK.

Now she wants a recliner in case she gets tired of sleeping on the couch, she can sleep in the recliner.

Why the heck do you have a bed?!

Maybe she should sell the bed at the GARAGE SALE!

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