Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrating Grandma

We're proud of grandma.

She's active in her community. She volunteers with the food bank, church, chamber of commerce, and never misses a funeral. Heck, the woman is 95 and still drives!!

We're proud of grandma.
And so is her community.

Last night grandma was given a lifetime achievement award at the chamber of commerce's annual award banquet. They served spaghetti and garlic bread and a lovely salad. She was totally surprised. She couldn't figure out why someone had bought her a ticket to the banquet since she was already going. ::snicker:: And then someone came and picked her up... "I can drive!"  ::snort::
They even named the award after her and will give it out every year. "It's a beautiful crystal vase with my name engraved on it."
Grandma was tickled. As she should be! They "treated [her] like a queen."
I think we're gonna have to go up a hat size or two on her though.
Some days we wonder just how her brain processes things.
As she told one of her daughters, "I can't wait to get the pictures from the banquet. Then it will prove to y'all I was a good mother."
I love her logic.
How does receiving an award for your community involvement from a chamber of commerce make you mother of the year? Shouldn't that come from your FAMILY?
::head desk::
This whole week has been all about grandma. I don't think she'd have it any other way.
Sunday, her church had a covered dish luncheon in her honor. There was lots of chicken spaghetti casseroles, hamburger casseroles, baked beans, pimento cheese sandwiches, broccoli rice casserole, fruit-jello-cool whip-concoctions, sheet cake, and let's-try-a-new-recipe leftovers.
The church had a group picture made and framed. Everyone signed it. That was really sweet.
She'll be missed. She'll miss them. It's going to be an adjustment.
But she'll have lots of company to sleep on her sleeper sofa.

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