Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pulling My Hair Out

For years grandma has gotten her hair done weekly. She has always had a standing appointment to get a wash and set under the dryer every Friday so she was ready for the weekend. Ready for church. Ready for The Boat. Wooooooooo doggie!!

One of the amenities of her new senior apartment is a beautician that comes onsite every Wednesday to do hair. Grandma doesn't have to drive or be driven anywhere. How cool is that!?!?!

Not very cool if you ask grandma.

I won't go into her description of the robust beautician. Trust me...it's for the best. I won't talk about how the woman's arms are too short to reach grandma's hair as the beautician tries to maneuver around her large boobs and tummy.

Grandma paid $15 for a wash and set back home.
At the apartment she'll pay $35 for a "delivered" wash and set.
A perm back home was $45.
A perm at the apartment is $70.
Welcome to the big city.
SO NOW!!!!! Grandma has decided she wants us to take her back home to get her hair done.
Let's figure this out.
It takes TWO tanks of gas for a round trip back home. That's $100.
I get lunch and snacks. That's another $10-15. (I'm a cheap date.)
Then there's my time off from work PLUS the exhaustion from the one-day 320-mile round trip. And I'll probably need a six-pack of Corona to recover ($10)
Don't forget the actual cost of the perm: $45.
That's OVER $170 for a damn perm!!!! Are you nuts?!
::head desk::
If you don't like this beautician at the apartment, we'll find you another one. We are NOT driving back and forth 320 miles to get your hair done.
I'm going to be bald by the time we get her settled and adjusted and in a routine.

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