Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gambling Granny

My grandma loves the slots.

She and her sister, Auntie M, LOVE to go to The Boat. There's nothing like seeing two 90-year-old grandmas, each with a bucket full of quarters, dancing with the one armed bandits.

They're totally different women once the sounds of the slot machines hit their ears.


Yeah. A mission to gamble the night away. LOL

Since grandma moved two months ago, she has not been gambling. She's going through withdrawals. She's starting to get grumpy. (How can we tell the difference? Trust me...she's pissier than usual. LOL)

Hallelujah for Auntie M's granddaughter! She's coming to get grandma next week to take her to visit Auntie M and then take them to The Boat.

That means we have cat duty. Grandma's cat will need feeding. Not a problem...EXCEPT...

Grandma has told us we will go over 2 to 3 times a day. Once in the morning to feed him canned cat food. Once during the day to see how he is. And, then once in the evening to feed him MORE canned cat food.

Guess what!

He's getting DRY cat food all the time and then canned cat food once a day. He'll be fine. He'll be happy she's not chasing him all over the house! It will be like a vacation for him. And he'll be JUST peachy and content.

My cats have survived all these years...I haven't lost one yet because they ate dry food while I was away...but I did find cat prints on the ceiling once. Still haven't figured that one out yet.

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