Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's Be Pissy!

I swear!! This woman is freaking nuts! Bipolar. Cracked. Whacked. Evil!!

Every week I check to see if grandma needs to go anywhere...store, groceries, nursery, pedicure ...just out.
Every time she says "no".
Mom asks her. My son asks her.
Every time she says "no".

Mom will finally get grandma to the grocery store where grandma proceeds to buy nothing.

m: "Let's get you some groceries."
g:  "I don't need anything." 
m: "What about some meat to cook."
g:  "I'm not hungry and I'm cutting back on meat."
m: "Let's go get a pedicure."
g: "Nah, they're fine."
m: "Let's go get a hamburger."
g: "Not today...no meat."

::head desk::

We have to basically drag her out of her apartment to do things. I think it boils down to she doesn't want to spend time with us.

Her loss.

THEN her other daughter, Aunt B, calls grandma. Aunt B asks if she wants to go get a pedicure and something to eat. Grandma couldn't get dressed fast enough!

Grandma calls my mom gloating to say she's going for a pedicure and dinner with Aunt B.

HELLO!? Didn't mom just ask you to do that?

She had a lovely time. /snark
She even picked up some meat to cook because she likes pork chops.
She loves to stir the pot.

I thought you're suppose to mellow with age. This one is just getting down right moldy.

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