Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day ...Grandma's Version

It was Mother's Day weekend. It was a weekend spent with family. It was a weekend with lots of food and fun and frivolity. It was a weekend with grandma.

I don't think she enjoyed it ... not one cotton pickin' minute of it.

Saturday, grandma, mom and I went to see my son perform in a play he is in for children's theater. "The Days and Knights of King Arthur" – it was fun and cheesy...perfect for the intended! :)  Grandma didn't understand it. Then she was worried about my son throughout the play because it's VERY physical...LOTS of sword fighting and stunts. It's knights of the roundtable! DUH!

Grandma doesn't like my driving. The whole time she's holding on to the hand grip on the ceiling as she watched my speedometer. I swear I never went more than 10 mph over the limit. :P

At lunch on Saturday, grandma declared I could NOT schedule her. She was going to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it.

right. uh huh. sure.

Just like you're going to get yourself a car so you can drive yourself whereever.

uh huh. sure.

She needs to be regulated. We can't stop and run her to the store every 5 minutes because she needs a can of tuna. She needs to plan her errands better. Consolidate her grocery lists. Grandma's entertainment back home consisted of running to the grocery store every time she needed a square of toilet paper. I'm going to teach her to buy in bulk...They've got this new thing now, grandma... It's a WHOLE roll of toilet paper!!! O.M.G. The things they'll think of next!!! :P

I did make grandma's day for one brief moment. I stopped by her apartment later with a new box of MAGNUM ICE CREAM bars!!! You should have seen her face light up. LOL It was one of the new boxes of MINI double caramel bars. Her favorite. I wasn't gone 5 minutes before she was tearing into one.

Our plans for Mother's Day Sunday consisted of taking grandma to church and then lunch at my mom's house. For someone who always claims not to be hungry, that woman sure can put away the food!! Her rib bone gnawing skills give any pitbull a run for its money.

After dinner, grandma got herself a mini MAGNUM ICE CREAM bar. She savored every bite. She cleaned the stick better than she cleaned the rib bones. I should be embarassed. LOL Grandma quickly exclaimed, "You could eat 2 or 3 of these little ones!! Think I'll have another!"

That was the highlight of her whole weekend. Magnum Ice Cream bars.

She sure as hell didn't like the dry-erase calendar I got for her and filled out and put up on her refrigerator door to help her schedule her days. I even had the nerve to rearrange her refrigerator magnets. (We gave her some nice things, too, jewelry and a bird feeder with shepherd's hook and seed.)

Ain't I a devil!! /snort!

I lay odds that she's already moved the calendar...maybe even erased it...and put her magnets back how they were. Remember...I'm NOT going to schedule her.

I think I know where our family stubbornness originated.

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