Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Birthday Gamble

Last week was birthday week in our family. We have three birthdays in July. That means 33 percent of our family still living was born in July. Fireworks for everyone! And not just the ones that make sparkly booms in the night sky.

Grandma and her sister, Auntie M, went to The Boat for four days on a gambling junket. Grandma was so excited about going...she was counting down the days, hours and minutes before she went...nothing else mattered. But this meant she would be gone for her daughter's birthday.

Oh well...we have priorities.

Mom took grandma to the drop-off point and passed grandma and her baggage off to Auntie M and her cousin and off they went to The Boat like a couple of high school teenagers.
Grandma has led a basically "clean" life. Auntie M ... let's just say she's had lots of fun. A few years back after granddaddy died, Auntie M took grandma to The Boat. Grandma hasn't looked back since! They love dancing with the one-armed bandits.
Giving those two sisters a bucket of quarters is like putting a 5-year-old in front of the TV. Instant babysitter!!
Now, Auntie M is very forgetful. She claims she has never gambled and doesn't like it. Grandma can't wait to go gambling again.
If you wonder what that whirling noise you hear, that's granddaddy spinning in his grave.
So grandma got her gambling fix. She'll be good for a 2-3 months. She came home VERY happy.
Time for birthdays and cake, right?! HA!
We went out to eat to celebrate both my mom (HER daughter) and my son's birthdays. I never heard grandma wish my mom a "happy birthday." Just...
"Did you get my card?"
She mailed mom her birthday card. Save the stamp!! You saw her before and after her birthday. You spent 4 hours in the car with her. Where were the warm fuzzies?
Obviously, grandma is one of few words. Maybe she's saving them up for a rainy day.
Guess it's going to be real quiet around here because obviously we're in a drought.
Hell!! It's Summer in Texas!
Think I'll go find ME a Magnum Ice Cream Bar!!

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