Friday, February 22, 2013

Washboard Abs

Grandma is making this move into an opportunity to get new stuff. After she sells her current washer and dryer at her GARAGE SALE she wants to get a new washer and dryer. Easy. We'll run to Lowes/Home Depot/Sears and pick a pair up.


First, she wants a washer and dryer without a lot of buttons. I've got a simple solution for that and it will help you stay in shape. Where do you think you get "washboard abs" from?! Retro is in. AND it's very green...good for the environment...small carbon footprint. ::grin::

We did a little preliminary footwork on the internet and found a couple of simple washer and dryer sets she could get for around $700-800 for the pair. Sounds reasonable, right? nope.

Turns out that one of her friends (who is also one of those non-degreed neighborhood "doctors") got herself a new washer and dryer for $157 each!! DAAAAYUM!!! That's a great deal! That's what grandma wants. I want one, too! Heck, sign everyone up for one.

A few questions pop into mind...what year did your friend buy her washer and dryer? Did they come with motors? Are they still working? Were they on the damaged and clearance aisle at Home Depot? yep. just what I figured.

I'm looking forward to the day we take grandma washer and dryer shopping. I'm just gonna stand back and watch the poor salesman try to control himself. Maybe I'll bring the video camera along and tape the whole ordeal. Any bets she brings a load of clothes to wash to test'em out?

I'm holding out for a washboard and tub and a clothesline.


  1. I am so enjoying these posts. Girl you could be a writer! Ever think about writing your Memoirs? Or is the world not ready for that. LOL

    1. Thanks! I'm really enjoying writing this. It's almost like grandma therapy. :P

      Feel free to share with all your friends. The more that can share in this adventure the better. We don't want to go through this alone. LOL

      As for my memoirs...the world is not ready for it!! OMG...the stories I could tell if only I could remember the details. I thoroughly enjoy the flashbacks as they play through my mind. Sorta like going to the drive-in movie but you've got a bad connection on the speaker.