Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Like Being an Only Child

There were never such devoted sisters,
Never had to have a chaperone, no sir,
I'm there to keep my eye on her...

Remember that Irving Berlin song? I always love watching Bing Cosby and Danny Kaye perform that in White Christmas.

Grandma has a younger sister (Auntie M). They both have had wonderful and interesting husbands that spoiled them. But then their husbands definitely had their hands full!

Auntie M has a large family scattered across Texas that she loves to visit. Grandma likes to tag along...especially on those trips to "The Boat". (I won't go into that she rather visit with them than with her OWN family.) The two sisters will stay up all night dancing with the one-armed-bandit. No one ever knows just how much they win. They always come back tighter lipped than they went. What happens at The Boat; stays at The Boat!

Now the two sisters are on their own. Heaven help us!! I'll send out a APB next time they head out.

About a month ago Auntie M's second husband died. Auntie M thinks she can't stay by herself. She's never stayed by herself her whole life! She calls grandma all the time complaining.

Grandma got tired of her gritching. She told Auntie M, "...Lots of people live alone; that [she's] been living alone for years! Give over it!!"

Auntie M got mad and told grandma, "You're bossy!!"


Grandma got all offended. She's NOT bossy!!! No, not at all!!

I think the word I would use is ... demanding.

Thank goodness the two sisters are not moving in together. I don't think any of us could handle it.

Grandma has always told the story when they were growing up how Auntie M would always disappear to the outhouse when it came time for chores. When it was Auntie M's turn to do the dishes, she would hide in the outhouse.

I think I would be tipping over an outhouse by the third time she'd hid in there.

Just imagine if they lived together. Grandma would be bossing Auntie M. Auntie M would be looking for a place to hide. We would be getting calls all the time from the bickering sisters.

"Auntie M ate one of my Magnum ice cream bars!"
"Your grandma won't share!"

Maybe it's time to unlist my phone number.
Maybe I'll go hide in the outhouse...out of state!

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