Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Rush

Who lit a fire in your shorts?

Grandma is on a mission. A mission to be living out of boxes and sleeping and eating on the floor BEFORE she moves. Why can she not listen?!

You remember, grandma is going to have a GARAGE SALE. Gonna sell all her stuff! Seems grandma can't wait for her own garage sale and is selling her things that she still needs BEFORE she moves. WHY!? Leave something for your GARAGE SALE!

::head desk::

Her dining room chairs. Gone.

Her love seat. Gone.

Her spare bed. Gone.

Half her linens. Gone.

She has sold her washing machine and dryer and refrigerator. Luckily, the man buying it told her she can keep them until she moves. How generous!! I'm sure grandma told him it would be fine if he took it then.

Now she has boxed up her dishes and her towels. WHY!?
It's two weeks until she moves. Don't you think she'll eat or bathe sometime before then? I hope so!

Who needs plates when she's got a freezer full of Magnum ice cream bars?

I have this visual of grandma sitting on the floor by her chairless kitchen table eating her ice cream.

She did tell us she ate two ice cream bars today. Only 28 bars to go.

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  1. Ha! Maybe she's fishin' for dinner invitations.