Friday, March 8, 2013

A Week of Farewells

So it's the Friday before the big move. Grandma's last day in her house and her home town. It's sad.

People have been taking her to lunch and dinner all week.

Monday she visited with her cousin. They could pass for sisters. Cousin kept saying "this is the last time I'll get to see you. We'll be dead next time." HELLO!? It's not like she's moving to Tibet. You'll still be in touch. Grandma will come to the reunions. We're not locking her in a padded room (as much as we would like to) for no one to ever see again. What has this woman been telling everyone?!
Tuesday and Thursday friends came and took  her out to lunch. "We had such a lovely time. Everyone is going to miss me so much. They want me to come back and visit." Where were these friends when she was home, alone, needing company? Where were these friends when she had nothing to do? Why didn't these friends call to check on her weekly? What are we...chopped pimento loaf?

Wednesday...she had us. Personally, I think it was the highlight of her week. How can you beat liquor stores and fried food? We're such fun company.

And Friday...She's not going to get anything done. Auntie M and her bunch are coming to visit. They'll be there ALL day. I hope they make themselves useful and pack a few boxes!! LOL They'll sit around and moan and gritch about how horrible we were to tell grandma she needed to move closer to family and doctors. I'm feeling the love right now. Good vibrations.
Tomorrow. O.M.G. I'm dreading it. Two things to do. 1) Start a pool to see how long for her to say she hates it at her new home; and, 2) Start a drinking game for every time grandma says she will be missed or she will miss it. We should be smashed by lunchtime.
I get it. Change sucks. But change happens and for the better. She's set in her ways but we need to be able to take care of her better so she can live to 100. She has to move.
She'll be the belle of the ball at her new home. Men will be knocking down her door. Fresh meat! Grandma won't know what to do with herself. :)
I'm going back by the liquor store for full boxes of Crown.

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