Monday, March 11, 2013

Hallelujah!! It's Done!

It's done.

Grandma is moved.

It was a LONG fourteen-hour-day by the time it was said and done with. But she is moved.

Getting her out of the house was fun...NOT! She was worried about Tomboy. She kept trying to clean. Then she'd get sidetracked looking at old stuff and remembering.

The movers got lost on their way to Houston. HOW, I don't know...they had GPS. They left at noon for a three-hour-drive and got there five hours later.

My son and I got the apartment ready...cleaned and shelf paper down...before she got there. Even hung a huge "WELCOME" sign inside and on the front door.

Grandma's first reaction was good. She was pleased with her new home. Wasn't happy with the gorgeous new hardwood floors. It's a REALLY cute place. LOTS of room. She should feel right at home. It's like a small town atmosphere there...a bunch of nosy neighbors! LOL  People sat on their balconies watching the truck get unloaded. People walked back and forth on the sidewalk trying to get a glimpse inside the windows at the "fresh meat." The REALLY brave people came right on in the open front door to introduce themselves. And grandma thought she wasn't going to need a cake pan to cook anything. Yep. She's going to have company! LOL
Between unpacking boxes and pop-in visitors, grandma chased Tomboy and distracted herself with stuff she found in boxes. It was like Christmas! She'd find something she forgot she packed and would get sidetracked. Merry Christmas, Grandma!
I started a pool to guess how long until she says she hates it. We're into day two now without any complaints except the hardwood floors and light coming into her bedroom at night. She's looking really hard for something and can't find it yet.

Everyone is exhausted now. I've got tons of stories to share. And then a bunch of new ones as grandma begins her new adventure continues into the next phase.

But finally, the move is over!

OH! How could I forget!?!? She had THREE boxes of Magnum ice cream bars left before the move. They all survived!! Still frozen. It was the first thing she asked me when I saw her... "Did you bring the Mangum ice cream bars?!"

I know what I'm getting her for Mother's Day, Christmas and every other holiday in between. Magnum ice cream bars!!

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