Thursday, March 14, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

Moving is an adjustment for anyone. Well...actually...for EVERYONE even remotely connected to the one who is physically changing addresses. ESPECIALLY when that person is elderly.


Grandma is getting adjusted.
She needs an attitude adjustment.
Everyone else needs a stiff drink.

Just today alone, my mom received FOUR phone calls from grandmother before 10:00 a.m. The first was to tell her about a police chase on TV. The second and third were about her new dining room table being delivered and how they hung up on her ( was an automated call telling her they're on their way. click.) And the fourth was to complain about the cost of a hair cut. The complex has a beautician that comes costs $35 to get Texan-styled big grandma hair delivered to her doorstep.

Bless your heart, grandma.

The complex also has a program where lunch is delivered daily to the clubhouse. It's wonderful. It gets them out of their apartments to socialize and it makes sure they at least are eating one meal a day. Well...grandma thinks the food sucks. "It's not my cup of tea." She's had ONE meal there. It was pork chops in gravy. "BUT the people were friendly."


Now her brand new couch that was delivered two days ago...she doesn't like the cushions.

Grandma is knitpicking the place to death. It's a FABULOUS place! It's just not her old frame home with her car and her independence and friends that never came by to see her.

It's an adjustment for EVERYONE.

If she'd just give it a chance, she'd love it there. She hasn't come out and said she doesn't like it yet so there is still time to get your entry into grandma's pool.

You could win something from the garage sale!

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