Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Grandma is getting settled in her new home. It's looking great! It really is a cute little place.

Pretty much all of the boxes have been unpacked. Now she just needs furniture. She's got a few odd chairs and card table she's been using. And she's made herself a pallet on the floor to watch TV on so she could sit next to Tomboy. ::shaking head and rolling eyes::

A new couch was delivered yesterday so on the way home I stopped by to see her and the couch. When I got there she had her butt firmly planted in "her" corner of the couch with the remote in her hand watching Wheel of Fortune. She's also got a clear view of all the happenings outside in the courtyard. Life is good.

I tried to talk with her BUT it was difficult because her phone kept ringing and she kept reading the caller ID on her TV. Yes. Her caller ID pops up on her TV screen. I don't have that!

When I was finally able to get a question in here and there she was SOOOOO non-committal.

m: This is a pretty nice place you got here. How are you liking it?
g: It's okay BUT it's not my old home.

m: It's warmer. Doesn't feel as drafty. Are you comfortable?
g: It's newer BUT the floors are cold.

m: It seems to be pretty well insulated. I don't hear many noises. Has it been quiet?
g: Yes BUT when I stand at the door I hear people coming and going.

HUH!? You're standing at the door watching and listening? You're gonna HEAR things!!!

She will never say anything nice about this place. She will ALWAYS find something negative. It is so much nicer than where she was. Probably nicer than any place she's ever lived.

BUT this is grandma. Compliments and positive comments don't gush from her often...if ever.

I understand that change is difficult especially at 95 years old BUT she better shape up fast before she gets a swift kick in the BUTT!!

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