Friday, March 15, 2013

Earth to Grandma...

...come in grandma

Grandma's Log Stardate 0315.6
Destination planet Happiness. Planet Happiness is difficult to reach. It's a LONG hard journey light years away from where we are today. Warp speed is not attainable. We are only able to achieve sub-warp -12. As we make headway toward Happiness, some days seem to lose ground as we get sucked backwards into the vortex, BUT.

Yesterday, But was in control.

Today, Happiness is possible.

Yesterday, pictures were hung and plans were made. Plans for a maid, $35 hair cuts, grocery shopping, and lunch.

Today, grandma forgot her handsome chauffeur was coming. He got there at the arranged 10:45. He waited and waited and waited. And then he waited some more. She finally showed up at 1:15. She was out and about. Grandma remembered to get her hair done and lunch but totally forgot her great-grandson was taking her shopping. Ooopsie!!

No time to go shopping now. It's time for PICTURE BINGO!

Now she wants him to come back later after picture bingo and take her out because she's LATE for picture bingo.


She's obviously is enjoying it there at her new home BUT she'll never admit it.


  1. Drats! I was hoping to win the prize. Maybe I should send her memories about the old house? I play dirty to win.

    1. You're still in the running. We're only on Day 6 now. But, I'm gonna start screen her mail..You play dirty! LOL