Monday, March 4, 2013

Grandma's Obsession

Grandma has a cat named Tomboy. Tomboy started out as a stray that she adopted. (That in itself is a miracle.) There's lots of strays out in the country.

Grandma obsesses about Tomboy. Where is he? He's hungry. He wants outside. He wants inside. Where is he? He's hungry. He's always in my lap. He attacks my feet. Where is he? He's hungry. He's sleeping. He's awake. He's hungry. Where is he?

Get the picture?

He's a good and patient cat. Grandma? Not so much.

Tomboy loves on her and plays with her house shoes when she's sitting down. He's playful, Grandma. He is not attacking you. 

She spoils him. Feeds him ALL the time. He comes in...she feeds him. He goes out...she feeds him. He goes to sleep...she feeds him. He potties...she feeds him.

This cat should be the size of a barn.

When she goes to The Boat, grandma boards Tomboy at the vet. He always gets the corner "room" with his blanket, toy and TONS of food. He gets the spa treatment while there with a pet-icure. He is always thrilled to see her when she gets home and just loves all over her.

They're a good match.

Now she's moving and suddenly he is too expensive to keep. Her apartment has a $10/month pet charge. That's all?!?

She spends all that money on boarding him and his food and more food and even more food but she won't spend $10 a month to keep Tomboy? She probably spends $30+ on food alone for him. JUST ONE CAT! I have two cats and I spend that. Maybe I'm not feeding mine enough. But wait...they're fat and happy.

I swear.

I know grandma will keep him. She's fussed before about spending money on him when he got sick but she did it anyway. She'd be lost without Tomboy. They're good together.

What would she do all day with nothing to obsess about and feed constantly? At least this way we know she's up and moving around...obsessing and chasing after Tomboy.

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