Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Save the Ice Cream!

I just don't get it. Maybe it's an old school kind of raising. But dang! This is nuts!!

Grandma has a freezer. The freezer is coming to my house. The freezer is full of Mangum ice cream bars, shelled pecans (puh'-cons – we're in Texas, remember?) and some other stuff.

Grandma got a wild hair yesterday. I know...this is not unusual. She decided to start throwing stuff away out of the freezer.

You ready for this?

Instead of putting the stuff she is getting rid of into a trash can, she tossed it on the ground to thaw. That's right. You read that correctly. She put the frozen stuff she's throwing away on the ground to thaw.



After it thaws, she'll toss it into the trash can.



Why not put it in the trash can to begin with?!?!? Save yourself the extra work of picking it UP off the ground where it is now an ushy, gushy, mushy, yucky, thawed, nasty mess covered in dirt and probably ANTS (this is Texas) and germs and put it DIRECTLY INTO the trash can the FIRST time!


Her reasoning is because it's frozen and heavier and harder to handle and there will be water in the bottom of the trash can.


Think of the all the varmints feasting on smorgasbord out in the yard.
Think of the mess the varmints will leave.

I ain't cleaning it up!

When I'm 95, I'm going to do crazy crap like this. My son is going to ask me "WHY?!" and I'm going to tell him my grandmother taught me how.

If this keeps up, I might get an early start.

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